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Katana Screw Pile Overview

The Top Plate / Drive nut
The top of the pile is capped with a 16mm thick plate with a 36mm threaded hole to accept multiple Katana pile accessories for locking in concrete footings. The top plate, when used with the Katana drive tool, has the safety benefit of engaging the pile to reduce the likelihood of the pile falling out of the drive head during the drilling process.

The Pipe
The pipe section (shaft) is made from Australian made Grade 400 + high-tensile steel. Our thick-walled pipe sections (4.0mm and 5.5mm) means Katana screw piles do not require concrete core filling.

The Twin Helical Plates
The ‘twin-fin’ Katana helix is symmetrically designed to efficiently slice through underlying strata. The result is a screw pile that can be drilled faster and deeper into harder soils with no spoil to remove. The helix diameter ranges from 250mm to 350mm, depending on the pile size.

The Cutting Comb

As the first point of contact with the soil, the cutting comb serves two purposes. Firstly, it makes drilling easier by the design of the teeth and being able to cut through hard material. Secondly, it makes vertical alignment more accurate by the symmetry of the cutting teeth and our twin-fin helical blades.



Katana Screw Piles are used in residential building foundations, light commercial building foundations, and mining applications.

Some of our more ‘unusual’ installations include the Great Barrier Reef seabed for boat moorings, a NSW lake for a raised floor deck, and a raised floor for a QLD demountable mining camp.   

Product Range


Pipe Options

The Katana Screw Pile can be further customised for your application requirements.



100% Australian made! Katana screw piles are manufactured in Brisbane using Australian made 400+ Grade high tensile steel.

Accessories and Connectors

Katana Foundations have developed a range of connectors and accessories to complement the core Screw Pile product. These components enable the Katana pile to be used across a broad range of foundation and building applications.


All components have been designed and tested to provide a connected ‘system’ capable of delivering the required load capacity and other engineering design requirements. Thereby, eliminating the need for ad hoc connectors and providing greater design certainty.

Extend a pile?

The extension is used where pile lengths of more than 3.5 metres are required, or a nominated pile length needs to be extended.

Connect the pile to the footing?
This adjustable connector can be used for screw pile embedment into concrete footings or concrete slabs.

Support the slab?
Engineers’ specify slab being supported directly on the pile or with the use of a slab plate.

Cut a Pile?
These adaptors are used where piles are cut on-site.

Raised Floor?
Various options for bracing and connecting bearers to the pile

Do you need a different connector?

If you have an application that is not supported by the above connectors and accessories, get in touch with us, as we may be able to fabricate a bespoke connector for your particular foundation. We’re always interested in helping people use the Katana Screw Pile in new ways and for new building applications.

How we work

Price certainty

Experienced estimators review your structural engineering and geotechnical information before providing a quotation.

Mark-out the job

Some screw pile suppliers leave this up to the builder. Not us. We do it on every job.

Go the extra mile

Our certified installers make sure the job is done right.

Mobile reporting application

We use the latest technology to capture installation information.

Ready for the next trade

We leave the job site the way the next trade would want to find it – clean and tidy.

Independent certification

Installation report checked and verified by 3rd party Engineers.

Performance tests

We conduct regular compression and uplift testing to verify product performance.

Got a job coming up?