Supply and Installation


We go the extra mile when estimating, supplying and installing your screw piles so that you have peace of mind your foundation is constructed on-time and certified to Engineering specifications

After 26,000 jobs and 1.5 million screw pile installations, we have established a reputation as Australia’s most reliable screw pile supplier for our transparency, performance, and technical expertise.

Our name comes from the Japanese Samurai sword. Like a ‘Katana’, our curved twin-fin blade ‘slices’ through underlying strata leaving no spoil to remove. And our patented threaded square pile head eliminates hot works on site and supports slab on ground and raised floor systems.

We look forward to working with you.

What are Screw Piles?

Screw Piles are a far more efficient foundation system than concrete. Installation is environmentally responsible, quicker, vibrationless and suitable for all geotechnical conditions. Our Twin-Fin screw pile is manufactured in Australia using Australian made 400+ high grade tensile steel.

Our Expertise

Our knowledge of civil engineering, building codes of practice, and soil conditions means we can provide you with a cost effective foundation solution. From site mark-up to installation, testing, and certification, we make screw piles easy.

Which Method is Faster?

This animated video simulates the installation of steel screw piles and concrete bored piers to see which foundation method is faster. Watch to see who wins!

Why Choose Us?


Since our founding in 2012, our philosophy has been to install screw piles properly, and do it better than anyone else.

Our mission is to service the Australian and New Zealand Residential Building markets with the highest quality steel screw piling products and foundation and flooring systems, installed to exact specifications, with a very transparent process.

We will not compromise on the best quality Australian steel piles manufactured by Australian workers. If you are a civil contractor or concreter and want to expand your business by installing 100% Australian made screw piles, then please get in touch with us.


We take pride in being an innovative leader in the steel Screw Piling industry. Our unique threaded square pile head allows multiple attachments for locking in concrete footings and supporting/attaching to suspended ground floor slabs and raised floors.


Kiban (Japanese for ‘Foundation’ and pronounced kee-bahn) is the name of our new mobile installation reporting application. The technology allows installers to enter job information and images on site using a mobile device, as well as view structural engineering plans and geotechnical reports. The paperless system captures all the job information required to evaluate and certify your screw pile installation.


As the first trade on site, it is imperative that our installation process is carried out with the utmost of accuracy and compliance. There can be no compromises when it comes to the way in which screw piles are installed.


Our onsite rapid uplift testing process is simple, effective and accurate. The test is used to ensure that the minimum required uplift capacity is achieved when specified, as well as using a calculation method to determine whether the pile will satisfy the nominated kN in compression.

RELIABLE PARTNERIndustry Relationships

Strong relationships with structural engineering and geotechnical investigation services, along with our experience, ensures our piling projects are superior, cost-effective and compliant.


CodeMark is a third-party certification scheme for building products and systems, managed by Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB). CodeMark is the guarantee that our screw piles and processes are industry best practice and comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

What's Happening


Screw Piles Installed at Wagga Wagga Boat Club

When heavy rain filled Lake Albert to almost full depth last year, the Wagga Wagga Boat Club had to rethink using concrete bored piers for the construction of their $50,000 entertainment deck. Dan Perry from Perry’s Piles and Earth suggested using hot-dipped galvanised steel screw piles as an alternative. The 4M steel piles could easily […]

Great Barrier Reef Moorings Installation

  The Department of Marine Science required 33 new public boat moorings around the Whitsunday Islands to reduce damage to the coral and seabed.  Barry Dempsey from Dempsey Construction Drilling and Diving and his Chief Engineer chose Katana Foundation screw piles because of our ability to easily adapt our high-strength, thick walled screw pile to […]


Our pipe is the real deal. Manufactured in Australia, rolled into pipe in Australia, made into industry leading Katana Piles… Australia.

By using a consistent, locally controlled product, Katana Foundations gives you the guarantees and certainty that should be expected. These are the products of which your entire build depends on, so do not risk using just any screw pile.