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When designing the appropriate building foundations, an engineer will take into account the building site’s soil classification. If your site is determined as having a reactive soil, this classification will impact the foundation supports required.

Soils change in volume, to a varying degree, when they absorb moisture. They increase in volume upon wetting and decrease when dried out. As soils change in volume, cracking or structural damage can occur.

There are many instances where soils will be affected by moisture. Planting trees near houses can cause the soil to shrink as the tree extracts moisture. On the other side of the equation, excessive watering of gardens, or failure to deal with a broken pipe can result in the soil increasing in volume.

Katana screw piles and foundation systems have been designed with these issues in mind. For reactive soil types, our foundational supports are ideally matched.

Reactive soil installations are not an issue for Katana.


Great Barrier Reef Moorings Installation

  The Department of Marine Science required 33 new public boat moorings around the Whitsunday Islands to reduce damage to the coral and seabed.  Barry Dempsey from Dempsey Construction Drilling and Diving and his Chief Engineer chose Katana Foundation sc...

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