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Piling contractors ensure clean and tidy installationsOne of the key selling points of using screw piles is the avoidance of having to deal with spoil on site. That said though, a mess can still be created by an untidy piling contractor.

In line with our belief about having the right level of skills within the business, Katana Foundations takes immense pride in every job we attend.

This means, cleaning around the pile once installed to the correct depth, removing all offcuts (if any are produced), and generally leaving every site the way the next trade would want to find it.

These are the simple things to get right.

The reality is, not every building site is flat. If detailed excavation is required, Katana’s piling contractors have you covered.

Another past disconnect between screw piling and concreting has been dealing with elements such as deepened edge-beams and internal steps. Historically, builders have had to arrange for the concreter to have the detailed excavation done prior to the screw piling contractor coming to site. This ultimately means two broken visits to the job by the concreter, which is generally very undesirable.

It is a standard offer by Katana Foundations to carry out any detailed excavation that is required so that the concreter can walk onto a clean site, ready for formwork and materials.

Standard hourly rates are applied to any job requiring this service.

If getting the simple things right is important to you, contact us.


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