Foundation Solutions


We are committed to exceptional customer service, underpinned by a promise to deliver an on time, on spec outcome for all customers.

Katana Foundations believe that we can demonstrate value and efficiency to our target markets, and we seek to provide workable and innovative solutions wherever possible.

Site Assessments


With structural plans and the geotechnical report, we are able to determine how many piles are required, and estimate the nominal depth required. In most cases, we are able to use the information provided to provide a lump sum, fixed price for piling which is unique to the screw piling industry.

Foundation Marking

foundation marking expertise

At Katana Foundations, we pride ourselves on having highly skilled, qualified operators to carry out every installation. As a ‘Foundations’ company, it should go without saying that we have the capability to accurately mark out all jobs, and ensure that every pile goes in the correct location.

Piling Contractors

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Katana Foundations takes immense pride in every job we attend. The piling contractors used by Katana Foundations will ensure your site is left clean and tidy following installation. This is in line with our belief about having the right level of skills within the business, for each and every installation.

Reactive Soils

reactive soil expertise

Katana screw piles and foundation systems have been designed with reactive soil types in mind. Our foundational supports are ideally matched to any site classification.

Testing Services

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Our Rapid Uplift Test is performed to ensure that the minimum required uplift capacity is achieved as specified, and uses a calculation method to determine whether the pile will satisfy the nominated kN in compression.

Quality Certification


Any screw pile install is only as good as the data that verifies it. Katana Foundations is a leader in the way in which we record and present the onsite information that is critical to each and every installation.