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Get the foundation right when you buy a block

Subcontractors and supply only customers are a big part of the Katana Foundations family. They want to add value for the builder and home buyer because they care about the best outcome. Our patented drive nut on the top of our pile can accommodate any bespoke fitting with a 36mm diameter bar. As a result, […]

Get the foundation right when you buy a block

The top 3 things on your mind when you invest in a block and building your home should be: 1. Is the developer of the estate reputable and what is the history of my block i.e. was it previously a lake? Civil contractors will usually compact any fill material as best they can during the […]

Mining drill rig solution

This project required Katana screw piles to support mining drill rigs. As a result the rig is much safer for all those in close proximity if there is a sudden increase in drilling pressure. We proposed screw piles 3.5m deep (min) for the required loads that needed be achieved. On the other hand the customer […]

Bespoke ground mount solar solution

Day 1 – quote. Day 6 – bespoke height adjustable mounting plates that screw into the top of the Katana pile – designed and fabricated. Day 8 – Katana Screw Piles installed. What our customer said: We contacted Katana Foundations after struggling to find a suitable foundation option to install a ground mount solar system. […]

The CodeMark Certification Scheme is not for the faint-hearted.

On Monday 18th March 2019 – Katana Foundations received their AU and NZ CodeMark Certification. Asking a third party to shine a light on your business; not only leads to improvement but allows your customers and installers know that you go the extra mile to ensure sound processes and products are what you stand for. […]

The Katana Pile – slabs and raised floors, we have you covered.

The reason we can fabricate almost any bespoke accessory for the top of our piles is due to our patented 20mm thick drive head, an integral part of the Katana Pile. When I arrived at the Newcastle branch – the whole family of bearer plate accessories were together on the table – the 200mmx200mm, the […]

The Katana Bearer Plate system

This is the Katana Ant Cap, M36 Lock Nut and Adjustable Bearer Plate system. With a 200mm thread on the Bearer Plate, raised floors and prefabricated buildings are very easy to land, adjust and support on the system. It’s a standard off the shelf product that we hardly talk about – but we know if […]

How to build a Polyvoid Slab

At Katana Foundations we have this little ripper – we construct these slabs daily in Melbourne. It seems like a secret – we do tell folk about it, but we are working on making them even better. Polyvoid is a Suspended Ground Floor slab that allows expansive soils to do what they like under the […]

Katana and Helix in the design stage of the new Polyvoid Slab

Steel fibres have come a long way in a few decades – Helix Steel don’t make fibre, they make micro-rebar. With the price of steel and associated fixing costs going up, it makes sense that if we can replace processed reinforcing with micro rebar, we can make the Polyvoid Slab the simplest slab in the market. […]

Katana visits Tauranga

Great turnout at the Building Officials Institute of NZ meeting at Tauranga City Council Friday 31st August 2018. New Zealand certainly has some challenges ahead with housing demand. The Katana Foundations team presented the screw pile solution (including an on-site demonstration) – supported by Michael Fox and Pete Roden from our valued client EasyBuild. We heard […]