Great Barrier Reef Moorings Installation


The Department of Marine Science required 33 new public boat moorings around the Whitsunday Islands to reduce damage to the coral and seabed.  Barry Dempsey from Dempsey Construction Drilling and Diving and his Chief Engineer chose Katana Foundation screw piles because of our ability to easily adapt our high-strength, thick walled screw pile to their requirements.

The design life is 70 odd years

– Barry Dempsey, Dempsey Construction Drilling and Diving

We customised our screw pile by adding a flange so that the top connection plate could easily be attached once the screw pile was drilled into the seabed. Our thick walled helix screw pile is manufactured in Australia using Australian made 400+ high tensile strength grade steel.

Where we’ve been involved in a lot of drilling in different stratas, what they’ve supplied would do the application at a reasonable cost, and that’s why we chose Katana Foundations.

– Barry Dempsey, Dempsey Construction Drilling and Diving

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