Get the foundation right when you buy a block

Get the foundation right when you buy a block

The top 3 things on your mind when you invest in a block and building your home should be:

1. Is the developer of the estate reputable and what is the history of my block i.e. was it previously a lake? Civil contractors will usually compact any fill material as best they can during the civil works. As a result this may mean settlement over time under your home.

2. Is the geotechnical engineer who does the site investigation going to do a great job – do they know the history of the site? A good geotechnical engineer will have substantial knowledge of the development. As a result they understand exactly how much fill was placed on your block. This assists the engineer in their decision to make sure any foundation proposed deals with this potential settlement.

3. Are the foundations of the house going to support all the investment that goes into the structure and finishes?

Biax concrete slab or raised floors – rely on true blue Aussie screw piles from Katana Foundations.






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