Foundation Systems


Raised Floor Systems

Raised timber floors are a common above ground flooring system. Our patented pile adjustable attachments for raised floors makes getting out of the ground easy. No more bored holes with excess material to remove. No waiting for concrete to set which may get delayed due to inclement weather.

Our operators can accurately install piles and given the flexibility and adjustments that can be made with our bearer plates, we will provide the support you need to your flooring system in no time.


Raised floor systems and above ground foundations utilising screw piles provide the following benefits:

Foundation ConnectivityExisting Katana bearing plates can be provided for your project

Easier InstallationFully adjustable bearing plates result in easier installation of the flooring system

Bespoke ConnectionsKatana can design and manufacture connections for any system

Raised Floor System Applications

Katana’s unique adjustable bearing plates and fittings can be designed to work with any raised flooring system, and where required, bespoke connection systems can be designed and fabricated for your flooring system.

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Nationwide Coverage

With complete traceability of every pile manufactured by our Quality Assured National Manufacturer, Katana Piles & Extensions are the strongest, and most reliable in their class.