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PolyVoid Systems

PolyVoid is a concrete suspended slab ground floor slab, cast on collapsible void formers, that allows heave and shrinkage of the underlying soil without significant damage to your slab.

Each year in Australia, some 50,000 houses experience some form of cracking or structural damage. This accounts for about 80% of all housing insurance claims, and most often soil movement is the cause.

Significant damage to your home is avoidable by using a PolyVoid Suspended Ground Slab System.

A Polyvoid design manual and good building practice notes can be provided upon request.


Cost CertaintySlab component costs can be determined from the site Geotechnical report

Drainage Issues ReducedEffects of abnormal moisture conditions will be reduced, compared to a slab directly on the ground

Site Supervision SavingsSite supervision and management of other trades can be reduced

Single Slab DesignReduced complexity for estimating, engineering design and installation

Reduction in Landscaping IssuesReduced damage to the slab where there is removal or planting of trees

Peace of MindFor the home owners, builders and engineers - suitable for all site classifications

Refined EngineeringNo longer a need to 'over engineer' in order to reduce risk as typical with traditional systems

Thermal EfficienciesBetter thermal efficiency compared to other slab on ground alternatives

Cracking EliminatedCracking significantly reduced or even eliminated where the Polyvoid design, construction and compliance processes are followed

PolyVoid System Applications


The PolyVoid Suspended Ground Slab System can and should be used on any home where reactive soils and the environmental conditions (weather, trees etc) can have result in movement of the foundation soils and cause damage to the home.

Investing in the best ground slab system available for your home is a good idea. Knowing you can significantly reduce the damage to your home from reactive soils will give you piece of mind.

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