Mining drill rig solution

Mining drill rig solution

This project required Katana screw piles to support mining drill rigs. As a result the rig is much safer for all those in close proximity if there is a sudden increase in drilling pressure.

We proposed screw piles 3.5m deep (min) for the required loads that needed be achieved. On the other hand the customer had a competitor quote 12m deep screw piles! 

Within 3 days of receiving the PO from the customer, Katana foundations installed (in central NSW) all the piles for 10 odd drill locations and undertaken rapid uplift testing.

Another happy customer and I quote…

“The Katana Foundations team were called with a challenge on site and delivered. The team reacted very quickly with an experienced team, practical solutions and willingness to make the job happen. The turnaround, cost, knowledge, communication and professionalism was excellent and impressive. I highly recommend contacting Katana Foundations for your next job”

For any design engineers or competitors wanting to know. The piles achieved 13,000Nm at 4m.





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