Adelaide takes on Katana and Polyvoid suspended ground slabs

On a recent trip to Adelaide, we took a trip down memory lane and visited one of our first Polyvoid suspended ground slabs on Katana screw piles project. These four homes at 815 Lower North East Road, Dernancourt, SA were constructed in 2012 and they are in perfect condition. The Katana screw piles and Polyvoid slab were installed by TheoAgelis.

Adelaide has an interesting underlying soil profile. With an Hs (soil suction change) of 4m and very reactive soils – it certainly has its challenges – while the suspended slab is a great option to consider – I get a sense that builders are now even more willing than ever before to look at alternatives, which is a good for innovation and the end customer in our industry.

Advantages are:

  • Fixed costs for the slab
  • Structural guarantee when designed to the Polyvoid design manual
  • Significant thermal efficiency gains
  • Significantly less long term maintenance
  • Negligible weather delays
  • No design limitations for tree effect

With changes we are making to the reinforcing within the Polyvoid slab, we see this slab being more cost effective for more sites – want to find out more – give us a call.

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