Why Screw Piles?

Screw Piles vs Concrete Bored Piers

Screw Piles are a far more efficient method of piling than concrete for many reasons:

  • There is no spoil to remove
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Fixed prices can be offered
  • Open holes are unsafe
  • No concrete pumps are required
  • Deeper depths can be achieved with ease
  • No weather interruptions
  • No on-site engineer inspections required
  • Full certification can be provided

Katana Piles vs Other Screw Piles
Katana Piling products are unique for the following reasons:

  • Made from Australian 400 grade high tensile pipe
  • Twin curved fins for superior 'verticality' and soil penetration with minimal pre-drilling required
  • Manufactured to very strict quality specifications
  • Ample product stored in all serviced regions
  • Installed only by highly accredited contractors
  • Fully warranted