Katana Piles & Accessories

Katana Foundations' piling range of products have been specifically designed and engineered to ensure the highest of quality and capability.

The core component of a Katana Pile is the pipe. Our piles and extensions are made to highly specified welding and assembly requirements under significant levels of quality control using all Australian 400 grade high tensile steel. Our standard 80kN (8 tonne) pile uses a 76mm diameter pipe with a 4mm wall thickness.

All of the "twin fins", drive heads, bearer plates and tie-down bars are manufactured with precision to ensure consistency and accuracy. Our attachments and accessories have been engineered and tested to specific safe working limits, all of which are documented in our Katana Pile Product Specifications.

The twin fin design aides our contractors in achieving optimum verticality during the installation. Katana Foundations uses this feature to deliver highly accurate piling installations for raised flooring systems which rely on perfectly located piles.

The uniquely threaded, square head drive allows Katana Foundations to fabricate a multitude of attachments for various applications. Steel flooring systems, traditional timber bearers and joists and portable buildings can all be accommodated for with our very simple 'wind in' attachment system.

The Katana Pile Extensions provide arguably the industry's strongest and straightest connection between a pilot and extension for deeper soil penetration. This connection has been tested extensively in compression and uplift and well exceeds all minimum expectations.

The Katana Foundations product range is industry leading and is currently available across most areas of QLD, NSW, VIC & SA.

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